Poem by: Ginny Luedeman
July 18, 2005
C.S. Sentinel

No moments of failure,
When something was lost

No foolish decisions,
When treasures were tossed.

I didn’t mess up,
And forget God is here.

I didn’t make choices,
That made good disappear.

I live in the care
And the love of God’s grace.

There’s no way I can move
To a lesser loved place.

My keeping is not
In the wisdom of man.

But always secure,
In God’s spiritual plan.

I forgive all my yesterday’s
Visions, unclear.

And hear my God telling me,
“Child, you are dear.”

“Copyright©2004 The Christian Science Publishing Society, All rights reserved, reproduced with permission”. 

Ginny Luedeman

Copyright � 2004  All rights reserved.