Lecture Topic:

Finding home … “on earth as it is in heaven”
A practical spiritual basis for finding safety, security, and love in our everyday lives.
Topics covered: Scientific prayer heals homelessness, unemployment, instability, family issues, and more.

From hard rock singer to healer
a journey shared..

The who, why, and how of raising kids and Christian Science

Life without fear!
Topics: Bible basis for living fearless lives, children out of control, panic attacks, the challenges of military life, supply issues, health challenges, etc.

Plain talk about love, sexuality, and relationships
(A spiritual basis for solid and lasting relationships)
Topics: love, commitment, forgiveness, death, aging, etc. Recommended minimum age: 13. (Offered: 1-1/2 hour lecture with written Q&A time)

The invisible reality of Life appearing

How Christian Science heals bodies and restores lives
Topics: healing children, addictions, drugs, alcoholism, abuse, forgiveness, self issues, families, teens, practical ideas for healing world issues, etc.

Contact Information:

Ginny Luedeman C.S.B.

Salem, Oregon, USA, North America

phone: 503-362-9979

email: GinnyL@q.com

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Ginny's lecture calendar

Ginny's Daily Lifts, videos and writings

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Ginny has given over 60 talks at Prison and Rehab facilities, a short list of some of the facilities is below.
Ketchikan Alcohol Rehab Ctr
Soledad Prison, Salinas, CA
Women’s Jail, Colorado Springs, CA
Hope House, Redwood City, CA
Vancouver Island Regional Correction Center (2 talks)
Phoenixville, PA Prison
Danbury Prison, CT
Billings, MT prison
Richmond, VA Jail (2 talks)
Covina, CA Prison (2 talks)
Oroville, CA Prison
Kent Washington Regional Justice Center (4 talks)
Wichita Children’s Home
Men’s Central Jail, L.A.
Oak Creek Youth Corr. Facility, Albany, OR
Great Oaks Detention Ctr. Orlando, FL
Century Regional Detention Facility, Lynwood, CA
Bakersfield Homeless Shelter